Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Tea Time Thought

I have several beautiful teacups. Most of them were given to me as gifts from treasured friends. Each of those teacups and saucers are unique in design, color and size. I also have a set of teacups that is part of the china I chose almost 35 years ago now. That set is delicate and lovely and makes a stunning presentation on a table because of their uniformity.

But I absolutely love variety! There’s a wonderful tea house in Monument, Colorado, not far from my home. Whenever I’ve gone to the Wisdom Tea House, I get excited that I get to choose my own teacup. It’s also fun to see which cup another person might pick. Some will go for a soft and subtle pattern while others prefer bold colors. A person might feel that a large cup saves time and effort, and another thinks it’s proper to sip tea from a small cup. I find the assortment of options and the choices of each partaker to be telling and fascinating.

Catherine Douzel is quoted as saying, “Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.” Look at the teacups below. Can you just imagine the adventure that each cup represents?

The charm and appeal of each teacup helps us to remember that God has designed every one of us with our own special attributes. I may not be my neighbor’s “cup of tea,” but I do offer a flavor all my own. And those around me will likely want a different cup than I do. It would serve me well to remember that they, too, have an essence that is distinctive to them.

We know that we are created in the image of God, to be a reflection of His glory. He knit us together in the womb and even knows the number of the hairs on our head. Thank you, Lord, for the array of splendor You have provided!

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